What to Expect

When you are just starting out in any new adventure it can be daunting. I have met so many people over the years who have admitted to being scared of gyms or even going near the free weights. It can be an intense atmosphere but I can honestly say I have never met anyone who has been unpleasant or rude and I have trained in many male dominated gyms. If anything I have found that people admire what you are doing because they know how much hard work it takes.

Your training session can take place in your own home, outside, in a friendly gym based in Newton Abbot or a mixture of all environments. Regardless of what stage you are at in your training, I will push and encourage you to give everything but in an enjoyable, motivating and effective way.

Wherever possible I will make sure that every session has something new in it. This may involve different exercises, training methods, environments or equipment.