Getting Started

There is a little bit of paperwork to be completed at the beginning of our partnership but it is all vital in making sure you get the best possible service. You will not be charged for these services so don’t worry about taking your time when answering all the questions.

FREE 30 minute initial consultation
If you are unsure if personal training is for you or you want to find out a bit more about me then please take advantage of my free 30 minute consultation. During the 30 minutes you can ask me any questions you may have and I will also find out more about you and what you want. The more information I have the better your training programme will be. If you decide quickly that you do want to employ me or you have already made the decision before we meet then I can take you through the health screening and lifestyle consultation straight away. This is free and has to be completed regardless of which service you purchase.

Your Health Screening and Lifestyle Consultation
Our bodies are complex machines and sometimes don’t function as they should due to many factors and contributors. Your health and safety has always got to be my priority and part of that is working through a health screen and lifestyle questionnaire. This questionnaire helps me in two ways. Firstly, I can make sure you are suitable to begin a new exercise programme without causing harm and secondly, the information you provide is invaluable when I plan your training sessions. It enables me to make sure you are challenged but not pushed beyond your capabilities. I can also give you some advice on other areas that can affect our health.

Your Personal Training Session
Your first session will depend on your exercise experience. A standard session would include a warm up, cardiovascular session, resistance session, core stability session and cool down. However, this will differ from person to person. Whatever I design for you it will get you on the road to meeting your goals. This will be reviewed regularly as your fitness levels and confidence increase. After training with me you will immediately notice that my style of training is not taken from the military. I train in a fun and relaxed, but productive and motivational manner, and my aim is for all of my clients to really enjoy their training sessions as well as feeling like they have worked out. Ultimately, you pay me and give up your spare time to train, so it is important that you find the sessions enjoyable and get noticeable results. Getting fit can be fun with the right trainer!